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The new FC Bayern Munchen 14-15 Home Kit released

The new FC Bayern Munchen 14-15 Home Kit released. Bayern Munchen home kit created by Adidas, same with last home kit. For the new Bayern Munchen 14-15 away kit and third kit have not released, estimated will be released in summer 2014. But now FC Bayern Munchen 14-15 Away and Third Kit have been leaked.

Bayern Munich Jersey

Bayern Munich Jersey

Bayern Munich Jersey Kits 2014 2015 FC Bayern Munchen 14 15 (2014 2015) Home Kit Released

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Design for the new shirt is different with last Bayern Munchen home kit. For last season of FC Bayern Munchen home kit uses red and white vertical stripes, and for new Bayer Munchen 14-15 home kit use red, blue and with vertical stripes.

FC Bayern Munchen 14-15 Home Kit:

FC Bayern Munchen 14-15 Home Jersey come with the new color. For the front and back have same stripes. From the side, there are blue, red, blue in the center, red, blue. And in the middle of red color, there is a small blue pinstripe. The arm is red with 3 with stripes iconic of Adidas. The badge of FC Bayern Munchen is on left chest and logo of Adidas is on right chest.

New Bayern Munich Jersey Kits 2014 2015 FC Bayern Munchen 14 15 (2014 2015) Home Kit Released

This design for the new shirt is like FC Bayern Munchen 1995-96 home kit. At that time, they used blue and red stripes. For the short is dominated red color with 3 iconic white stripes of Adidas from the top until bottom on the side. And the sock is dominated white, both in the top there blue and red stripes.

FC Bayern Munchen Goalkeeper shirt comes in gray color, continued the sleeves. The pattern same with all Adidas 2014-15 template for goalkeeper shirt.

This Season, Bayern Munich to be winner Bundesliga Germany. But they a broken in UEFA Champions League after lost by Real Madrid with score 4-1. Thank You

Real Madrid Jersey and Panathinaikos Kits Release

New Panathinaikos 14-15 Kits have been released. Panathinaikos 14-15 Home released first, in May 2014, meanwhile Panathinaikos 14-15 away kit just released on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. Both of them come in dark green and blue. Adidas is the supplier of Panathinaikos, so Panathinaikos 14-15 kits made by Adidas, it seen from 3 stripes in sleeves.

Panathinaikos 14-15 Home and away kit are sponsored by Greek  provider, Opp and Previous Panathinaikos have seized and carry them on 3rd place Greek super league.

Panathinaikos 14-15 Home Kit:

Panathinaikos Jersey

Panathinaikos Jersey

Panathinaikos 14-15 Home kit comes in dark green with gold and white element. Panathinaikos 14-15 Home kit use V-neck. The V-neck and the sleeve cuffs come in double color, golden/white. On the front, we can see Panathinaikos badge is golden, placed on left chest. The Adidas logo is golden, place on right chest. The Greek symbol is in middle.

On upper the front shirt, above the golden line, there are thin black lines. The sponsor is on center under the golden line. The performance of Panathinaikos 14-15 Home kit is based on the new Adidas Condivo 14 shirt templates.

Panathinaikos 14-15 Away Kit comes in blue/purple with the green and white element. The green element is on Panathinaikos badge, Adidas logo three lines on sleeves, front V-neck and sleeve cuffs. On the back, there is a white horizontal line under the neck. Although Panathinaikos 14-15 Away Kit is sponsored by Opal too, but there is no sponsor on Panathinaikos 14-15 Away Kit. The short and socks of Panathinaikos 14-15 Away Kit are purple too.

Real Madrid Jersey

Real Madrid Jersey

Beside about Panathinaikos jersey, you can look another Real Madrid New Jersey. Because of this season, every team changes their Jersey. This change for Home, Away and third kit. Usually, color the jersey change same with sponsor background.

SSC Napoli Jeans 2014-2015 Away Jersey Kit Launched


Napoli – Napoli 14-15 Away Kit come very different. Bring the updated trend, Napoly 14-15 Away Kit is created from jeans. It’s like denim style. Italian sport supplier, Macron is truly make it different from the new SSC Napoli 14-15 Home and Third Kits. The new SSC Napoli 14-15 Home and Third Kits is still made with traditional design. And Napoly is successful promoted club as football club with unique jersey.

Napoly 14-15 Away Kit is sponsored by two brand. The main sponsor is Lete. Macron SSC Napoli Jeans Away Kit Launched on Thursday, September 11, 2014. And Macron SSC Napoli Jeans Away Kit have just availabled, one day after released.

SSC Napoly 14-15 Away Kit : This is performance of Napoly 14-15 Away Kit made by Macron, Napoly 14-15 Away Kit is looked totalled blue of jeans. It’s truly made from denim fabric jeans. The blue denim fabric of jeans combined with light blue on sleeve cuffs, on lower the shirt, on the trim collar. The SSC Napoly crest is located on left chest and the Macron logo is located on right chest. While the Lete sponsor is on center front shirt.

On the back, there is no feature except the light blue “SSC Napoly” lettering. The SSC Napoly 14-15 Away Kit use collar, like the Napoly 14-15 Home and Third Kit.

Napoly 14-15 Away short is use denim fabric jeans too. This is very suitable. On left side there is Macron logo and on right side there is Napoly crest.

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